Stop Emotional Eating And Lose Weight


You are a living, breathing human being with a body, emotions, mind and spirit. Weight loss is about balancing and bringing harmony into each part of “SELF”, Body, Soul, Spirit.

Have you ever heard of “emotional eating”? It’s when you eat because you are trying to get a pleasurable emotion, such as excitement, joy, or feelings of love and comfort or you are trying to escape from a painful emotion such as boredom, sadness, hurt, or loneliness. This emotional eating can destroy your chances of ever losing weight.

So it is very important to deal with and process your emotions in healthy a way. Instead of looking to food to fulfill you, find joy in your life and fill yourself with love every day; go for that walk, take a vacation, go out to a good movie by yourself. You don’t have to wait for another person to love you or treat you to something nice, treat yourself by doing things that are healthy and good, by doing these things you are giving “SELF” the love that you deserve.

When you are feeling depressed, frustrated, or bored if you keep running to food to escape from it, then you will never lose the weight for long it will continue to fluctuate. In order to heal emotional eating find healthy ways to lift your mood and release the negative emotions; you may find it helpful to express your emotions by keeping a journal, practicing yoga, or volunteering your time to help others.

There are a lot of things to do with the time you have been given in this life instead of over-eating when you feel pain, you are a spiritual being in a human body, so you are going to have emotions, learning how to deal with your emotions in positive ways, this will set you up for a lifetime of happiness, health, joy and peace.

One of the most important steps in weight loss is incorporating a good detox program at the same time you are losing weight, a good detox will include all major filter systems like the colon, kidneys, liver, and skin, but don’t forget to purify the blood, clean out the parasites, and get rid of the heavy metals, this provides upkeep of the body and helps it perform properly.

It will also be helpful to minimize consuming fast food, along with sugar and simple carbs, and cutting down on saturated fats. The following are a few tips to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle of food consumption:

1. Limit your fast food consumption! If you must eat out, find restaurants that have healthy choices like salads, baked, grilled or broiled alternatives.
2. Detox the body regularly. Most diseases come from toxins in the body and they have the ability to weaken the immune system.
3. Replace refined white sugar with sweeteners such as Stevia and Agave Nectar.
4. Make green vegetables your main staple for each meal, try steaming, roasting, grilling.
5. Eat plenty of fiber! This is important for your digestive system. You should consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day – Fiber activates the cleansing system within the body.
6. Drink plenty of water, half your body weight or at least 8-8oz a day, this hydrates the body, lubricates the organs and carries nutrients throughout the body.
7. When measuring food consumption, use portion sizes like the palm of your hand and 10–12 ounce cups.

When overcoming emotional eating and losing weight, it should be looked at as a personal journey not a quick fix, so avoid fad diets that in the long run will NOT get you lasting results you are looking. Most importantly, remember that you’re in charge. Your success or failure will be up to you. If your health is a priority to you, you will succeed, don’t stress, do the best you can and get the help you need.

For a free 20 minute Iridology consultation or how to get started today on a detoxing/weight loss program contact us today. Learn how to live a wholistic lifestyle by overcoming sickness and disease, like; High Blood Pressure, Skin Problems, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, and Digestive Problems..

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