Our everyday purposes may include titles like: Mother, father, teacher, nurse, pilot, engineer, wife/husband, student, TV or radio host. These are all earthly purposes in/for our lives and they provide a form of self-worth and accomplishment, but they are also the “way” that prepares us for that one “Divine Purpose” that Divine Purpose given by God Himself, what we were created for, what we can’t live without doing, what our soul calls us to everyday, what we sacrifice for.

As long as we are not doing it we will always have that feeling of un-fulfillment and it can include being a godly wife, being a teacher, nurse, all that was mentioned above, but if it is not, your goal is to find that God-given purpose for kingdom building.

Walking in Divine Purpose is really about giving yourself away, dying to self and ego and not letting anything distract you from accomplishing it; no person, no situation, no financial lack, no sickness, nothing can distract you from your Divine Purpose and it is all centered around God having the Glory for your life.

To help understand purpose a little better, let’s break it down into an acronym. So what does “P.U.R.P.O.S.E.” really stand for:

The “P” stands for:

Passion – What are you passionate about? Webster’s Dictionary says Passion means;
a strong liking or desire for devotion to some activity, an object of desire or deep interest, an intense driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

Jesus Christ, The Begotten Son has such “Passion” for us and our well-being that He laid His own life down so that we can have “Eternal Life”. I believe that is the greatest passion there has ever been, and it is the example that we must follow.

Passion is what you really love to do, what you will do for no money, it is your heart desire, and as Les Brown always says “You got to be hungry”, it’s a reason you can’t sleep at night and if you take a moment and look back over the passions of your life it will help you discover Gifts and Talents of today. And more than that “who you are” and “what you Love”.

The “U” stands for:

Us An “US” Mindset. Passions & visions are bigger than just us alone, it takes building relationships, some people just think about how they can accomplish things alone, walking in purpose will take more than you.

God set it up this way so that we would work together and become “One”. You will not be able to accomplish your Divine Purpose alone.

We were created to be in relationships; that co-worker that you can’t stand to be around, they’re probably the one that will elevate you to your next level, but God won’t elevate you until you get that relationship right.

We all serve dual purposes, it’s the yen and yang, so at times you serve as the love in someone’s life and then in someone else’s life you serve as the agitator. You may be gossiping about someone across town and someone else across town is gossiping about you. It’s the duality of the fallen world we live in.

The “R” stands for:

Resources – PURPOSE requires resources so the first objective is to Identify the type of resources needed.

For example: If you think your purpose is teaching, you must become knowledgeable about many areas before really determining if being a teacher is your purpose.

Purpose requires intense study; for a teacher it may include not only the college studies but studying how children learn by observing more than what was required in school. What age do you enjoy teaching? You need to visit other schools, look at school systems, what subjects do you like to teach, materials needed (I always hear teachers say they have to come out of pocket to cover some class expense, this should not be, but it’s the time you’re living in, do you have the resources?)

There is much thought that should be given to resources when determining our purpose, once this is considered only then do we realize if it is really purpose or something we think we might like to do.

If you really want to think outside the box with teaching, we may consider revamping our current teaching system and establish a new modified one where we teach our children according to their zodiac signs, helping us relate to one another. We should put children in classes according to their zodiac sign, learning the pros and cons of personality behavior and determining the difference between what is personality (light and shadow side). And then also have them in classrooms with other zodiac signs of opposite, the teachers could also be paired with students that they understand better. This may be far fetched for some, but until we work at doing something outside the box conditions are sure to continue in what we call the norm today.

Scientific studies have been done around the zodiac signs and each one has it’s light and shadow side, each sign has it’s strength to build or become vulnerable in, and weaknesses to strengthen, all educators should know the personality of those they teach, this would help with learning types and styles, help determine between what is personality and what are behavioral problems, provide a system and order to our school system, help establish new material for learning, etc….. Just a suggestion.

The “P” stands for:

Partnerships – For “Divine Purpose” right partnerships must be Godly aligned. Three things partnerships provide:

1. They help you to accomplish more quicker when the right people are working together

2. Partnerships provide expertise in areas that compliment you; this keeps you from over extending yourself and having to do everything.

3. It provides more exposure for you and your vision or purpose – more people talking.

Partnerships save a lot of time and once you select the right people with the right resources it makes your life flow smoother. As you continue to walk in purpose your partnerships should constantly be reevaluated. Ex. staff, accountant, tax person, memberships, people we date.

We are limited in our advancement by the lack of knowledge of self and those we choose to keep around us. God said His people perish from Lack of Knowledge, he didn’t say belief.

This will save a lot of time in selecting the right people and once you select the right people with the right resources (talent) then it makes your life flow smoother. As you continue to walk in purpose your resources should constantly be reevaluated and improving at the same time.

Constant re-evaluations in all areas of your life is necessary for improvement.

The “O” stands for:

Operate In Excellence – Everything you do, even if you’re working for someone else should be “served in excellence”. God is always testing us; ask yourself “are you faithful over someone else’s things?”. This is the “way” to getting your godly heart desires by being faithful.
*Operating in Excellence require everyone that works around you to operate in excellence.
*Operating in Excellence means everyone that you do business with should be striving to operate in excellence.
*Operating in Excellence mean people that you mentor or those that mentor you must operate in excellence or striving too. “It matters not the profession, every profession deserves excellence”.

Operating in Excellence and integrity I believe are married, neither one can operate independent of itself. The question becomes “What are you doing when others are not watching”?

The “S” stands for:

Self-Development. Educating yourself is an ongoing requirement of God: Again He said we perish because of knowledge. Self-Development is never ending; Learn about you, what do you like, what brings you joy, what foods water your taste buds, what activities do you like to engage in, Do you like adventure or traveling? You need to know this before you require your spouse or partner to make you happy, If you don’t know, how do you expect anyone else to figure that out about you.

Know Thyself – Who you are and what you were created for. Stand for something. Success doesn’t just happen; people develop themselves. Successful people are doing the same thing; solving problems successfully by creating solutions through systems and order. Read books, take classes, “study something, stand for something”.

The “E” stands for:

Evaluation – Constantly evaluate – Our “Daily” lives must be found without spot or wrinkle so daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly we must evaluate it.

Evaluate yourself:
What do you need to learn at this stage of your life?
Who do you need to start establishing relationships with?

I believe everyone should have mentors, living or not living. In our lives should be a positive example – whether they know you are not. You can study those that have accomplished what you are aspiring to do.

Dr. Martin Luther King has always been an inspiration to me, so I read on him, I go to his museum and sit and listen to his speeches; they inspire me, at my events I hire Stephon Ferguson to give Dr. King’s speeches in the sound of his voice tone. I self-develop.

For example, if bills give you a problem every month; they need to be evaluated weekly until a solution is self-discovered and put in effect for your lifestyle: How do you do that?

You evaluate what you earn coming in and what is going out, evaluate what is want and what is needed (most times “wants” are not clear until we have enough pain centered around your finances, then we somehow have eyes to see). Evaluation takes being real with self and setting the time aside to improve self.

Another example, evaluate where your time is spent and what it is spent on, evaluate how much time you spend talking to others about mostly nothing.

Don’t let anyone waste your time – Not people, not tv, not social media, video games, phones or the internet. I believe these are the #1 distractions for people and finding the path to walking in Divine Purpose. This is the trap of the enemy, set boundaries around extracurricular activities and stick to it, so you don’t waste time.

Too many of us live our lives “off Purpose” rather than “On Purpose.

This happens because we are susceptible to negative lifestyle habits of our own and other people who are not living their own lives on purpose. In addition, we can get overly focused on the smaller roles we play in life, and lose sight of the bigger picture of our Divine Purpose.

When we are off-track and out of alignment with God it shows up as unhealthy lifestyles, sickness and disease. Walking in your Divine Purpose takes a healing and elevation of your Body, Soul (Mind, Emotions, Will), and Spirit.

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