7 Keys To Successful Eating Habits

7 Keys To Successful Eating Habits

1. Reevaluate How You’ve Eaten In The Past

Past Habits keep us doing the same things we have always done, this leads us to more failed New Year’s resolutions, failed weight loss goals & more health challenges. Take time today and reevaluate what has lead to poor eating choices in the past.

For example, are you an emotional eater, do you tend to do more late night snacking or when you have business or social meetings are you eating for 3 instead of one. Reevaluate!

2. Reestablish New Eating Habits

Statistics say that it takes anywhere from 21 to 31 days to form a new habit, start today putting new habits in place.

For example if you normally eat late 8pm or 9pm, start closing the kitchen at 6:30pm. When eating out, get a “To Go” container before you start your meal and box up extra portions.

Do not skip breakfast, this breaks the fast (break fast), it also jumpstarts your metabolism.

Choose water over juices that add extra calories, the average person should consume 8 – 8oz of water a day or more depending on activity level.

Tip: A favorite of mine when I want flavor in my drink, I use Emergen-C packets that you can carry with you and it provides a good daily allowance of Vitamin C, it can be found in the pharmacy section of your local grocery store.

3. Reshape Your Plate

For best digestion look at how you are combining your food; Proteins (Meat, fish) are excellent with low and not-starchy vegetables (Asparagus, carrots, kale…), but a poor combination with Carbohydrates/starches (bread, potatoes, beans…), so having meat and potatoes together is a poor combination.

Carbohydrates/starches are excellent with vegetables & vegetables are excellent with fats (avocado, coconut, olives….). Fruits & Melons should be eaten alone. Learn how to combine your food for proper digestion.

4. Resize Your Portions

The average person consumes at least double the daily portion size a person should have, that’s why we see an astounding increase in obesity and health disease.

A few recommendations to resize your portions; when having meat, only consume the palm size of your hand. Carbohydrates (rice, pasta, grains) have ½ cup to ¾ cup, and enjoy those low and non-starchy vegetables; start making them your staple for every meal instead of meat.

Tips: Instead of supersizing get the kids meal, which is around the portions size an average adult should be consuming. Snacks; instead of 6 cookies have 1 or 2 and choose healthier choices like raw carrots, celery, seeds or nuts.

5. Restore From The Inside Out

Do you want to look good and feel great! It starts on the inside; provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to sustain your daily activities. I recommend good herbal supplements to compliment your eating intake.

Most diseases come from 3 areas toxicity in the body, malnutrition & stress, start overcoming these areas with good daily supplementation.

6. Resources

If you’ve been struggling with sickness & disease, unfulfilled weight goals, bad eating habits, than maybe you need to connect with a wholistic doctor, nutritionist or counselor. Learn how to eat right and live the quality life that God created for you.

7. Respect Your Temple

Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, so become mindful of what you are taking in, are you providing your body with alkaline living foods that provide life to the body or dead acidic foods that provide no life to the body. You get life from life, death from death.

Also watch what you ask God to bless in prayer before you eat. Just a thought; When we ask God to bless our food, it should be for those things that could be in the food that we know not of, should we ask God to bless things that we know outright are bad for us? All the dead things we take in, junk food, overeating?

Just a thought!

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