The Seven Main Chakras

Excerpt from Dr. Nancy’s new book:
5 Pillars to Wholistic Wholeness released January 2022.

A review of healing practices in ancient cultures and traditions has shown that several energy based healing mechanisms were adopted. Chakras have been called by different names, including energy vortexes, anatomy of our spiritual body, and light wheels. Chakra, derived from Sanskrit, means ‘circle’ or ‘wheel.’ The seven chakras are recognized as concentrated energy centers located from the spinal base to the top of the head. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to a specific location of our physical bodies. Each chakra holds a distinct meaning or universal principle and beliefs, thoughts, and experiences.

The chakras are also termed energies in motion, which can be blocked, clogged, or go out of balance due to certain reasons. Negative powers conferred by specific incidences such as a negative situation, emotional or physical trauma, or a physical ailment affect the chakras and their positive influence.

Chakras are believed to enable you to connect with your spiritual self. When your chakras are out of balance, your health and emotional wellbeing might undergo negative experiences. For example, you might feel like something is off, you start making silly mistakes, you get sick more frequently, and everything seems to be falling apart. Each of these general imbalances manifests as specific mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional imbalances in different chakras, which you must identify. Incidences such as a relationship ending, an argument with someone, heartbreak, contracting the flu, betrayal, falling, and hurting yourself can reduce chakras’ positive and healing impacts. It is necessary to balance these chakras; otherwise, it may throw the whole system off. Imbalances in the chakras can come from stress or past pain, our childhood experiences. When your chakras are balanced, you can heal your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues faster and greater.

Further, you have increased openness, concentration and awareness, and memory. You develop a positive outlook on life in terms of understanding, thought process, and perception of behaviors. Your health regains, and your body functions work efficiently.

The first chakra, called root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It provides the foundation or base for life. It helps a person withstanding the challenges and feel grounded. The root chakra is also responsible for developing a sense of stability and security. To open up your root chakra, you may engage in more earth-related and grounding activities such as connection with nature,
hiking, and healthy cooking.

The second, sacral chakra, is located just below the belly button. It is responsible for creative energy and sexual energy. It also confers to the development of your sense of emotions as well as the sense of others. Deficient sacral chakra would lead to issues like sexual frigidity, detachment, and emotional coldness. Contrarily, excess sacral chakra leads to problems like emotional explosiveness, codependency, and sexual addiction. The benefit of having a balanced sacral chakra is creativity in speaking one’s truth.

The third, the solar plexus chakra, resides in the stomach. It develops self-esteem and confidence. It also helps you in controlling your life. The solar plexus chakra governs your choice, ego, personal freedom, identity, personality, and authenticity. One can use affirmations such as saying these statements out loud in the mirror to balance the solar plexus chakra.

I have a purpose.
I am confident and authentic.
I am enough.
I am powerful, capable, and strong.
I know who I am, and I stay honest with myself.

The heart chakra is the fourth. It is located in the center of the chest and near the heart. The heart chakra is all about the ability to show compassion and the ability to show love. A blocked heart chakra can affect your love life and your relationships. Clearing a blocked heart chakra is not a one-time fix. It is an ongoing, constant process. You need to be aware of when your thoughts and actions stop your enjoyment of life from starting the unlocking process. When you have a balanced heart chakra, you are able to love deeply, and you become more compassionate. You also develop a strong sense of emotional fulfillment. You are able to enjoy deep intimacy when it comes to relationships, and you maintain healthy personal boundaries.

The throat chakra is the fifth, connected to the ability to communicate and speak the inner truth. One needs to balance throat chakra by doing neck stretches, focusing on your breath, and trying yoga poses. Moreover, for the throat chakra, you must practice speaking the truth, be able to speak the truth, and take responsibility for your words. These practices can help you optimize your throat chakra.

The sixth chakra is also called the third eye chakra, located between the eyes. With a strong insight instinct, this chakra can be felt and can be thought. Our third eye is linked to imagination and is responsible for intuition. The third eye chakra is truth. Deciphering what is generally accurate and what you believe to be true is at the core of this chakra. For instance, if a person is made to think that he is ugly his whole life, it will manifest as fact in their thought pattern. Eventually, they will develop low self-esteem and dysmorphic.

The last, seventh chakra is called crown chakra. It is located at the top of your head. The crown chakra represents the spiritual connection of a person with themselves. The crown chakra also plays a role in guiding the purpose of life. Once you activate your crown chakra, you feel a tremendous calming feeling and peace rushing all over your being. Since feeling, seeing, and working through spiritual energies require too much to take in all at once, most people dwell into and open their crown chakras throughout their life.

Chakras pertain to be the non-physical side of who we are spiritually, and although we cannot physically see them, they are directly governing our lives. Sufficient attention should be given to these chakras. As healers, I like to think of them as our non-physical organs, just as we have physical ones; both need attention and balance to live a more harmonious life of peace and joy. Chakras must be balanced so that a person can keep his body and soul aligned with God and the laws of the Universe.

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