Living Your Best Life

Sooner or later at some point in life, we all wonder “am I living my best life”.

Generally, when we ask ourselves that question the next one follows; “What can I do or change in order to live my best life”. 

One question we may ponder in all this is how do we know what our best life is? 

Your best life should be one in which you are happy and positive about life and your journey in it. 

If you live every day full of negativity then you are not living your best life. If it feels like you have the world against you or everything that can go wrong always does, your negativity level is holding you back. If you are constantly afraid of doing things, for example, I can’t ride that bike I may fall off and get seriously hurt, you are not living your best life. While that is a legitimate concern to a certain extent if you allow it to hold you back you are missing out on living. 

If you are constantly anxious about what is coming next or what will happen in any given situation, your mind is too clouded to live your best life. 

So what should you do to start living your best life? 

7 tips to help you live your best life 

We have 7 tips to help you live your best life. 

  1. Write down what matters to you the most and prioritize them in the order of highest to lowest. Writing down what matters to you gives a list of goals to work toward. For example, a few items on the list could be, smile more, be more positive, and try new things. Then prioritize them such as be more positive is number one followed by smile more as number two and so on. Once you have your list you can work on each one answering and writing down what do I need to do to accomplish this goal, however, remember these priorities are not written in stone and will continually change in the priority list something new may be added something that you have accomplished will be removed and at times there may be something that in an emergency will rise to the top and then slide back down the list to where it was. You need to be flexible with the priorities.
  2. Clear your mind of negativity, tensions, expectations, and apprehensions. Some say to clear your mind of desire too it depends on the level of desire if it is getting in the way of being happy with where you are and what have then you need to ditch it, if the desire is to improve yourself by living your best life then you need to keep it. You just have to question your desires is this what I need or is it merely want of something that is unimportant. If it is unimportant then you do not need it. One way to help clear your mind, calm your anxiety and fears is through meditation. 
  3. Count your blessings and focusing on the positivity will help you maintain a positive outlook and mood which will help you allow others to see what positivity can do in their life. Being upbeat and positive will attract upbeat positive people and that is who you want in your group of friends. Negativity breeds suspicion and negative thoughts and you do not need or want negativity.
  4. Remember each new day is an opportunity to be more positive, kinder, and friendlier to live in the present, not the past. Forgive those who have wronged you and do not live in the future too much as living in the future can cause you to become overextended financially.  Live each day as if it might be your last, as none of us, know when our time will be over. How we are remembered says a lot about the life we lived, so do you want to be remembered as someone who was negative, selfish, and vindictive or as someone who was kind, warm, and friendly that has a positive attitude in life. 
  5. Every so often you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or you will stagnate in life and lose your positivity. Face your fears and try something you have never done before facing it with positivity instead of fear, welcome it instead of feeling anxious or apprehensive about it. 
  6. Take care of yourself with a good diet and exercise, spend time outside and take in some rays to help keep your bones healthy. 
  7. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or animal shelter, either way, smile and you will be surprised how much of a blessing you can be to others. 

Living your best life takes work but you can do it, get started with tips we have provided you and keep working at it. 

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