How To Open Your Spiritual Chakras

The spiritual chakras are energy centers located in the body that are associated with specific elements, like Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit. These energy centers affect how you feel, act, and think. Each chakra has specific functions, and the goal is to balance them, supporting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. 

If you are drawn to this idea, you may want to learn more about the chakras, their purposes, and how to open and activate them.

So, here you go:

1. Open the Root Chakra 

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine; the word “root” means the foundation of something, and in this case, the foundation is the foundation of your whole life. Here is how to open the root chakra:

  • Be aware of your body. Do yoga, walk around, or even do some manual house cleaning. 
  • Next, ground yourself. For this, stand straight and relax. Put the feet and shoulder width apart. Slightly bend the knees to ground yourself. Move the pelvis forward, and keep the body balanced. Sink the weight forward. Hold this position for a few minutes.
  • After this, sit cross-legged. Let the tips of the index finger and thumb touch gently.
  • Concentrate on the root chakra. Think of the spot in between the anus and the genitals.
  • Chant the sound “LAM.”
  • Imagine a closed red flower radiating energy from it. Visualize that the flower is slowly opening and showing four red petals full of energy.
  • After this, contract the perineum. Hold breath and release. You may have a “clean” feeling.

2. Open the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra deals with fluidity, feelings, and sexuality. If it is open, you will be able to express your feelings freely, without being over-emotional. Here is the process to open the sacral chakra:

  • Sit on your knees, with the back straight, and relaxed.
  • Lay your hands on the lap, palms up, on top of each other. After this, put the left hand underneath, and the palm should touch the back fingers of the right hand. The thumbs touch gently.
  • Concentrate on the Sacral Chakra.
  • After that, silently chant the sound “VAM.”
  • Keep repeating this until you feel completely relaxed.

3. Open the Navel Chakra

This is also known as the solar plexus chakra and is connected to generosity, confidence, and joy. When open, you may feel an abundance of warmth, authority, and empowerment. Follow this process to open your navel chakra:

  • Sit on the knees, with the back straight and relaxed.
  • Put the hands before the stomach, slightly below the solar plexus. The fingers join at the tops, pointing away from you. After that, cross the thumbs and unfold the fingers.
  • Concentrate on the Solar Plexus Chakra, at the spine, slightly above the navel.
  • Chant the sound “RAM.”
  • Relax and think about the chakra, its meaning, and how it affects your life.
  • Practice this until you feel relaxed.

4. Open the Heart Chakra

This chakra is about love, endearment, and affection. When open, you seem tender and compassionate, always working in peaceable relationships. Here is how you can open your heart chakra: 

  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Let the tips of the index finger and thumb touch.
  • Put the left hand on the left knee and the right hand in front of the lower part of the breastbone.
  • Concentrate on the Heart Chakra and at the spine, level with the heart.
  • Chant the sound “YAM.”
  • Relax and think of the chakra.

5. Open the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra plays into communication and self-expression. When it is open, expressing is easy. A person might pursue art and other forms of artistic expression. If the throat chakra is blocked, the person might have trouble expressing feelings, feel disconnected from others, and frequently use negative words. Unblock the throat chakra by following these easy steps:

  • Sit on your knees.
  • Cross the fingers on the inside of the hands, without the thumbs. The thumbs should touch at the tops. After that, pull them up a bit.
  • Focus on the Throat Chakra and at the base of the throat.
  • Chant the sound “HAM.”
  • Relax the body, thinking of the chakra and how it should affect your life.
  • Repeat for about five minutes, and the feeling of “clean” will intensify once again.

6. Open the Third Eye Chakra

As the name implies, the third eye chakra deals with insight. Opening the third eye is believed to provide a deep window into spiritual life. You can open the third eye by following these easy meditation steps:

  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Put the hands in front of the lower part of the breast. Keep the middle fingers straight, touching the tops, pointing away from you. The other fingers should bend and touch the two upper phalanges. The thumbs should point towards you and meet at the top.
  • Concentrate on the Third Eye Chakra and a little above the center of the eyebrows.
  • Chant the sound “OM” or “AUM.”
  • Relax and think of the chakra, its meaning, and how it affects life.
  • Keep repeating this until the “clean” feeling seems to come back or increase.

7. Open the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh and most spiritual chakra. This chakra encircles wisdom and the experience of oneness with the universe. Here are some steps to open the crown chakra:

  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Lay the hand on the stomach. Point up the little fingers, away from you, touching their tops. Cross the rest four fingers with the left thumb underneath the right.
  • Focus on the Crown Chakra.
  • Chant the sound “NG”.
  • Relax the body and mind. 
  • Meditate at least for ten minutes.

Final Words

The chakras are gateways to other dimensions. They are the main energy centers within the body. The chakras are believed to be physical and imaginary openings in your body. They can help to enhance your connection with your higher self and to aid you in your spiritual journey. These energy centers are said to align your energetic pathways, and they can also be used to help you with physical and mental healing. 

Learning how to open and activate your chakras helps you become more aware of your higher self and allows you to feel more connected to your emotions and your life purpose.
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