How to Build a Low Cost Simple Workout Routine

Whether you want to tone up for summer, a class or family reunion, vacation, or just want to get fit you do not have to spend a ton of money.

Building a low or no cost simple workout routine you can do at home or anywhere will help you reach your goals. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a membership to the gym, save your money.

What you will need

All the items you need will be inexpensive. Here is a list of things we recommend;

  • Notebook(s) from a dollar store or a free online logger to keep track of your activity
  • An exercise mat for the floor
  • Hand-held weights of one or two pounds
  • Resistance bands
  • Sneakers

These items will help you plan and track your progress.

Building your workout routine

First, write down your goals, short and long term goals. Short term goals are things you can reach in about eight to twelve weeks; long term will be six months to a year.

Next, block out time in your day for your workout routine. Twenty minutes in the morning or later in the day should be sufficient. Morning workouts will get the blood flowing and give you energy for your day, but if you work you will have to get up 30 to 40 minutes early each day.

Third, plan the exercises you wish to do such as aerobics and resistance training. Aerobics can be walking or running, stair climbing, or an aerobics class on DVD or streaming service.

Sources for exercise videos include; your local cable on demand, youtube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. When using your cable on demand check for headings of health, fitness, medical, home, and sports.

Another place to look if you have cut the cable cord is Roku channels.

One other source is used DVDs which can be purchased at sites like Second Spin.


Here are few no cost exercises that you can do to build your workout routine. Remember to switch it up so that it does not get boring.

**As always before you start any workout routine, you should have a checkup with your doctor and discuss the type of workout you intend to do with him or her.

Walking/running is free and burns calories while toning the body. You can walk a consistent steady speed of two to two and a half miles an hour. You can add hand held weights to the walk after you have built up your speed and time it takes you to walk a mile. The route you walk can be switched up too but try to include a few inclines in the route you take.

Squats will work your major muscles in the lower body. It will help tighten and tone the butt and thighs. Perform with your feet hip-width apart, start to squat like you are about to sit in a chair hold for a two or three count and return to standing. Do five to ten reps.  You can see how a proper squat is done and view a few other types of squats so you can change up your routine.

Lunges are a great warm-up for runners and help reduce injuries. They work the hamstrings and quads, helps improve lower limb function and can improve running speed. Proper lunge and lunge variations; with so many you will never have to worry about getting bored doing lunges.

Crunches will work your core (abdomen) muscles. There are a few variations of this basic crunch so you can change things up with this exercise too. See how the crunch is done and some variations. On the same page, there is an example of the Plank which will work both the abs, back and the stabilizer muscles; it is also a great endurance builder. Also here is a collection of 100 ab exercises.

Tricep dips use your body weight and a chair to work the chest, triceps, and front shoulders. See the proper way to do a trice dip. Women generally carry weight on the triceps especially as we age, this exercise will help keep these muscles toned and firm. Collection of upper body exercises.

If you want to target the inner and outer thigh workout has some great videos showing you how to do these exercises.

Fun dance workouts if you like to dance, there are plenty of dance moves that will help you lose weight, give a great cardio workout, and help tone muscles.  You can even make a workout playlist of music even if you don’t want to dance to help keep your routine from becoming boring.

Building your simple workout routine from the various exercises we have listed and using videos from the mentioned sources will keep your workouts from getting stale and not cost you a fortune to get fit and toned. Remember though you should work on your food intake also by swapping junk food for health foods.  

Sometimes it is easier if you have an exercise buddy to workout with. If you work better with a buddy try to find one in your neighborhood.

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