8 Ways To Success In 2019

8 Ways To Success In 2019

1. Reflect On The Past Year

First set the atmosphere, get in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a hour and then reflect on this past year; what was your goals of 2018 for business & personally? Did you accomplish them? If not, is it still an important goal or do you need to set new ones? Also Reflect on things that you did or were obligated to do that distracted you from reaching your goals. For instance; obligations from organizations that you belong to or spending money in area’s that are wasteful or not serving your vision or taking care of your wellbeing.

2. Release Your Failures

Failures happen to all that try, It’s by design and it only moves you closer to God’s vision for your life, SO KEEP IT MOVING! Failures are your past for 2018 focus on the promises of your future.

3. Restore Your Vision For 2019

In order to restore, you need to revisit the vision (1 year, 5 year, or life vision) and make a plan to accomplish it, setting very specific goals that have obtainable results; For example, if a goal is to loss weight because you have a class reunion coming up, don’t wait until a month before the reunion and try to lose 50 pounds, it won’t work and you do more harm to your body trying. Remember when setting goals list the actions you need to take to accomplish it.

4. Renew Your Passion

Passion leads to Purpose! You are passionate about at least a few things in your life and these passions are leading you to fulfilling your Divine Purpose. For 2019 write out 3 things you are passionate about and set goals for self-development in those areas; For example, if you are passionate about speaking and want to become a speaker, a couple of goals may be get a coach or join a toastmasters group. Self-develop in area’s that you are passionate about is key.

5. Recalculate Your Investment

What are you willing to let go of, (relationships, watching TV or a job), or what sacrifices are you willing to make? Are you willing to give your time or give up some extracurricular activities? What are in willing to invest financially to accomplish the vision of 2019? All Visions require sacrifice and investment. Ask yourself, realistically what are you willing to invest in yourself this year.

6. Reconnect Your Relationships

People can come into your life for many reasons. For instance; To help you take your business to the next level, to help you with self-development or maybe you have something they need, but whatever the reason not all relationships are life-time relationships and now is a good time to allow some relationships to pass away that has caused more stress, headache and harm and reconnect or establish those relationships that align with your vision for 2019.

7. Reconcile Your Debt


8. Remember Your God

Put God in the forefront of everything you do! And remember it is a two-way communication, so pray, but allow time to meditate and reflect so you are clearly receiving the messages that God has for your life. Learn how to meditate and receive the overflow of God’s blessings.

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